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Cahuita is a place no other with its unique blend of cultures, natural beauty and abundance of wildlife. Find out more about it here:

The tropical garden is full of color and scent

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Latest news, upcoming events, reviews and tips from us and other travelers that'll help make your trip to Cahuita and the south Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica unforgettable.

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History and Culture

Cahuita's foundation is a story worthy of telling: pirates, mutineering slave ships and a shipwrecked president all played a part. Read more if you dare!

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Holidays and Celebrations

Time your trip to Cahuita to be part of the many cultural events celebrating throughout the year. Our calendar includes all the important dates for the year.

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Cahuita is blessed with sunshine but where there are rainforests, there's also rain.  Plan your trip with our weather guide.

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South Caribbean

There are waves to surf, waterfalls to discover, rainforest and cultures to explore, wild activites to try and beaches to unwind on. Our guide will help you plan your days out of Cahuita.

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F A Qs

Those little things that you're wondering about? You're not the only one 😉 Find the answers to all your questions right here.

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