You can bike here from San Jose if you really want to, but many visitors choose to rent a bike to get around town while they’re staying.  If you’re planning a longer stay in Cahuita, then consider buying a new bike in Limon or Bri Bri, or a second-hand one online and selling it on before you leave to save cash.

Bike rental is about $10 daily but you can get a better deal for longer rental.  Bring ID to secure your rental.  Your bike should have a lock and you should use it!  The road between Cahuita and Puerto Viejo isn’t a great bike ride as there are many big trucks passing, but the ride between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo is very pleasant.  You can bus to Puerto Viejo and rent a bike from there to enjoy a day visiting the beaches south of the town, which are usually much quieter than the town’s own white and black beaches.

Where to rent bikes in Cahuita:

InfoBoutique located next to Safari Supermarket in the center of town.

Mr. Big J located behind Restaurante Girasol.

or for longer stays  buy a new one at the Importadora Monge in the White Sand Mall. They are around $160(80.000 colones).

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