Bus is easy to find

Public bus

The cheapest option for getting to Cahuita other than walking.  Easy, punctual and offers basic comfort.

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Local bus

Cheap and regular service up and down the coast.

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Daily transfers

Get where you want to go in comfort and with door-to-door service.

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Private transfer

Be transported from door-to-door with a private transfer service.

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nature air


Fly from San Jose to Limon in just forty minutes with daily flights.

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Local taxi

Unofficial cabs will take you around town or further for a reasonable fee.

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Shuttle bus

Scheduled minibuses running from Cahuita to popular destinations across the country.

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Hire or buy for an easy and cheap way to get around.

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Although only the center of town is paved you can walk the local roads to Playa Negra and  Playa Grande. Just remember to put on  lots of sunscreen or take a tip from locals and use an umbrella to protect you from the sun's rays.

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