Local food

Eating local food is a way of experiencing the culture of Cahuita and of enjoying delicious and hearty meals accompanied by natural fruit drinks:

Rincon del Amor

Adjacent to the local square, Parquecito, this newly opened restaurant is decked out with a romantic decor of red and white curtains and linens, but the whole family is welcome.   Menu has an excellent seafood section including ceviche and fish fillets, or shellfish in coconut sauce. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hours: Monday- Wed and Friday-Sunday 8am-10pm.  Closed on Thursdays.

Location: Next to Parquecito

Tel:  8366-8871

Caribbean Local Dish

Let local favorite , Doña Eloisa, cook one of her classic Carribbean or Costa Rican dishes from her newly finished kitchen.  Here you definitely feel more like an invited guest to her home than in a restaurant.  Our personal favorite is her Rice &Beans with chicken. Located across from Buk Buk supermarket and near the Local Public School. Tel:  8959 2838.   Tuesday-Sunday from 4pm-9pm.



Sol y Mar on the way to Cahuita's National Park serves a hearty local breakfast of pinto with optional extras. Coffee is self-service.

Breakfast only.

Tel: 2755-0418


Hotel National Park  & Beach Bar overlooks the park entrance for great views.  Serves a variety of dishes: casados, pastas, and fast food, such as burgers for lunch or early dinner.  Recommended dish: Seafood soup(maybe a little wait but worth it).

Hours: from 12:00 until 7:00 pm,  Happy Hour 4pm-6pm 2 for 1.

Tel: 2755-1267


Kawe wood stove restaurant is a firm favorite with locals who perch on the stools outside to tuck into plates of pinto or casado from early morning onwards.  Near the National Park, next to Cabinas Calipso.

Hours: 5:30am-7pm Everyday

Tel: 2755-0223


Rincon de Sandra is a treat that shouldn't be missed.  Mother of 8, Sandra, can whip up a tasty Caribbean meal in the pleasant setting of her restaurant 150 meters from the police station.

Hours:  12noon--10pm

Tel: 8624 4662

rickys 2

Roberto's  located in the center of town next to Splash Pool Bar specializes in Seafood, Lobster and Caribbean Sauces. Serves Rice& Beans on Saturday and Sundays.

Hours:  12noon- 9pm

Tel: 2755-0117


 Restaurant Bananas located in Playa Grande in Cabinas Algebra. Long time residents serve up classic pinto and egg breakfasts, excellent coffee as well as casados, fish burgers and hamburgers.

Open for breakfast and dinner


Tel: 2755-0057

rickys 2

Ricky's Bar serves local food and Caribbean flavors at affordable prices in the center of Cahuita; the perfect position for watching the world go by!  Domino games are regularly played here in true Caribbean style.

Opening: from lunch to late


Tel: 2755-0305


Cocos Bar is a landmark establishment that serves a selection of local and fast food in the center of Cahuita. Situated right in the middle of town it is the prime people watching spot for a drink or to take in a football game with the locals.

Opening:10:30am- 2:30am


Tel: 2755-0437


La Fe is open all day serving local food and Caribbean meals with friendly Walter at the helm.  Recommended dish: seafood soup (order in advance to be sure)

Opening: all day

Tel: 8323- 3497


Palenque Luisa features local food and seafood with Caribbean flavors at affordable prices.   Recently renovated and the space is bright airy and with a very traditional caribbean design.

Location: Main Street across from Willie's Costa Rica Tours

Hours:  Dinner only open at 5:30pm

Tel: 7039 9689


Coral Reef  is located on the Main Highway 300 meters from the entrance of Cahuita. This is a popular restaurant with locals and tourists alike. They have something for everyone but do it well. Specialty is seafood. Recommended dish: Seafood soup with coconut sauce.

Hours: 12pm-7pm

Tel: 2755-0133



MIss Edith is the first Caribbean restaurant to open in Cahuita.  She serves wonderful traditional dishes specialising in fish with coconut sauce in her ocean front location. Great spicy dishes too!

Hours: 12pm-9pm

Tel: 2755-0248

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