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Pharmacy, White Sand Mall, Cahuita            (27550505)  Pharmacies are staffed by a qualified doctor across the country and a range of drugs can be purchased over the counter that may require prescriptions in other countries. English is spoken.  There are two pharmacies in Puerto Viejo too.

Open: HOURS Monday--Saturday 9:30am - 5:00pm

Clinica Dental Emanuel (Tel: 27550276 or Cel: 88379455)

Dental care for adults and children.

Opening: Monday--Friday, 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm, Saturday by appointment only


Dr. Heinz Acosta (88804257)offers private medical services at his office in Playa Cocles south of Puerto Viejo.

Opening: By appointment from Monday to Saturday.

Dra. Nelsy Castro (27550349)offers private medical services in her consultancy in the Suizo Loco Hotel in Plaza Visquez towards Big Beach.

Opening: By appointment.


Clinica San Gabriel 

Located across from the Catholic Church and Mr. Big J's Laundry service.  This is a private clinic with on staff Doctor Francisco Arguedas PiimentalWalk ins accepted.

Opening:  Tel: 2755-0117,  Monday--Saturday, 8:00 am -- 5:00 pm. Cell: 8870-8029.


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Cahuita’s Ebais Clinic, on main road into Cahuita

Bring your passport.  The nurse will see you first to take your temperature and weight, and to ask about your symptoms.  You’ll then return to the Waiting Area until the doctor calls you.

After seeing the doctor, hand any paperwork to the receptionist to be completed.  Prescriptions should be submitted in the slot in the clinic pharmacy on the right as you enter the clinic.

Preferential attendance is given to pregnant women, senior citizens and children with a high fever, vomiting or other serious symptoms.

Prescription drugs, tests and consultation are included in the set fee for clinic users that are not part of the national health system.  This fee will need to be paid at the Hone Creek Clinic if you are charged.

Opening: Monday, Wednesday--Friday, 7:00 am -- 4:00 pm

Hone Creek 24/7 Clinic

If you fall ill out of the Cahuita Clinic opening hours, drive, take a taxi or public bus to the clinic in Hone Creek.  You must take your passport as identification.

Enter the clinic’s main doors, past the guard and down the slope to a small window on your right hand side, just beyond the bathrooms.  Give your details to the receptionist who will complete a temporary file for you and submit it to the nurse.  You should wait to be called. The nurse will take your blood pressure, temperature and ask for your symptoms.  You then return to the waiting area until called by the doctor.

Blood and urine tests are carried out in the main entrance of the clinic. Enter through the main doors and turn right, the window is in front of you. Ring the bell outside the double window in front of the seating to call someone to complete the paperwork and provide a jar for urine sample.  Listen for the number given for the blood test and pass into the office next to the window where paperwork was completed to have blood taken.  The results are usually ready in about an hour and a half.  Names are called out and you collect the results and return to the doctor with them.

The pharmacy is also located in the main entrance area.  Coming in through the main doors, turn right and the pharmacy is the window on your right.  Post the prescription through the slit in the door and wait for your name to be called.  You will need to provide your ID to collect your medication.

The office for payment (Caja) is on the left hand side when you enter the building and is behind glass doors.

The clinic has a number of observation beds for patients.  Usually, patients in need of more serious attention will be sent to Limon.

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hone creek clinic
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la nacion tony facio

Tony Facio Hospital, Limon

If necessary, you'll be transported to Limon by ambulance. However, if there is a long wait for the ambulance to arrive and you are not in urgent need of constant medical supervision, you may want to pay for a taxi. The recption desk at the hospital will ask if you arrived in an ambulance and you'll be given priority if you were, so bear this in mind.

If you are ill enough to be sent to the hospital, it’s time to call your vacation health insurance provider and arrange to be taken to one of the private hospitals in San Jose, unless your condition requires stabilizing before you can travel.

If you don’t have medical insurance for your travel… were unwise.  Go to the reception window of the ER with your reference paperwork from Hone Creek or Cahuita.  There are a number of small consultation rooms and you’ll be given a number of a room -- wait outside for your turn to see the doctor.  The doctor will then arrange your admission.

photo credit to La Nacion.

Clinica Veternaria Mi Mascota is the place if your four legged friend is out of sorts for medical consultation and treatment.   Also a store for animal food and accessories.  Located on Route 36 near the main entrance to Cahuita.

Opening: Monday -- Friday, 9:00 am -- 5:00 pm, Saturday, 9:00 am -- 12:00 md

mi mascota
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