Banks and Financial Services

Cahuita has one bank, Banco del Costa Rica, which is located in the White Sand Mall.  The bank provides all basic services, such as money exchange, deposit, withdrawal and payment of utilities.  There is also an ATM which accepts major credit cards, although foreign credit card holders are limited to a $100 twice daily – so plan ahead! Expect to wait in line on the first and last days of the month when bills are being paid, and in December when one window will be dedicated to the annual car tax payments. Bank procedure Remove sunglasses, crash helmets and hats to enter the bank.  The security guard will wish to check any bags, so unzip to prove that you’re not a bank robber. Take a ticket by selecting on the touch screen.  ‘Caja’ is for money exchange and general transactions.  Press the number of transactions that you wish to carry out and then take your ticket from the slot under the screen and wait for it to be announced and displayed on the digital board.  ‘Plataforma’ is for account opening, card enquiries and other issues. Once you have your ticket, sit down on a chair.  It is against security protocol to have people standing and blocking the guard’s view. Puerto Viejo Banco Nacional is located on the road right of the bridge and post office as you enter town.  There is an ATM.  There is rarely a line inside the bank. Banco de Costa Rica is also near the bridge to enter town but on the right hand side after the post office on the main street.  There are two ATMs outside.  The bank can be busy. MoneyGram is available from Cabinas Almendras from Monday to Thursday. Bri Bri Banco Nacional is located the opposite side of the road and a block on from the court house.  It is often very busy.  There is an ATM outside. Tortuguero UPDATE: As of February 16th, 2017, there is an ATM in the village, near Miss Junie's.  It's still wise to carry enough cash for the duration of your stay as most restaurants and smaller hotels will not accept credit cards, and it will take time to see how reliable the service is. Limon There are a number of local and international bank branches in Limon.  Scotia Bank is located two blocks from the large Mas por Menos Supermarket. Western Union is available at Mas por Menos and MaxiPali Supermarkets and Coopalanzia (ring ahead for large sums). MoneyGram is available at Banco de Costa Rica and a few of the larger stores selling electrical goods – look for the signs in the windows.
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